Advanced Network Management


The Central Mesh Controller (CMC) is the sophisticated core of the Mesh network, providing advanced management and defining network routes calculated by path-finding algorithms.

By constantly monitoring all devices connected to the Mesh, the CMC is able to rapidly detect faults and alter the Mesh to ensure there is as little down-time as possible. Using its management interface it allows users to identify problem or low-signal areas.


Network Optimisation

The CMC is constantly analysing the routes for all devices on the network and calculating alternative or superior routes allowing the Mesh to get even more stable the longer it is active


Live Network Maps

Live maps of the deployed network are a key tool in the configuration and implementation of a Mesh network and the CMC keeps detailed and up to date information about every node in its network.


Availability Reports

The CMC produces on-demand availability reports, that can be live-filtered to provide detailed support information about every node on the Mesh network.