High bandwidth on-street networking for Smart City growth and development.


What is Mesh 4g?

Mesh 4G provides high bandwidth communications to on-street devices using the 5Ghz spectrum with advanced TDMA protocols.

It was developed in 2003 and has since been deployed in over 42 towns and cities across the United Kingdom.

By deploying a Mesh4G installation local authorities and governments can deploy or connect Traffic Lights, CCTV, VMS, Bus Stops and many others without the need for a costly backhaul or cable connection at each site.


Central Mesh Controller

The sophisticated core of the Mesh network, providing advanced management and defining network routes.

Central Mesh Router

Seamless routing of data between fixed and wireless network infrastructure using a proprietary QCMR protocol.


Local Mesh Switch

 Connects on-street back-haul equipment to the Mesh in a low-profile or 19 inch rack mount form.


V Series Mesh Adaptor

the primary building block of Mesh infrastructure, it is capable of connecting and powering up to 4 devices


Intelligent Antenna

High speed, high quality long-range communications to roadside mounted units, they are designed to operate in pairs


Satellite Mesh Controller

On-street computing and management for large networks allowing for automatic CMC offloading and cluster optimisaton.